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Chelation Therapy Both IV and Oral
Saved My Feet and Legs From Amputation

Using Chelation both IV and Oral EDTA Chelation Therapy; I saved my feet and legs from amputation. Chelation cured the symptoms and along with a dramatic nutrition and diet change cured my PVD and changed my life. After 33 years of  research and trial and error I developed an Oral Chelation Regimen  and a diet  that completely eliminated my peripheral artery disease (PAD) and all of the poor circulatory symptoms in my feet, toes, fingers arms and hands.

Chelation eliminated my poor circulation symptoms, cured my open wounds and the nutrition changes I later developed have kept the symptoms from returning. I am hoping this information will help you too if you suffer from any type of circulation disease. 

Chelation Therapy is approved by the FDA for removal of lead, iron, and  heavy metals which are being found to be the root of many diseases. Chelation is used by health care professionals including DC's, MD's & DO's to unclog blood vessels and get the many benefits that this procedure offers.  My mission is to share  my experience with readers who have all types of circulatory problems in the hope that it gives you an easy inexpensive method that may eliminate your bad circulatory symptoms. Plus if you follow my nutrition recommendations your overall health will improve and in time you can reverse your circulatory problems. This diet has been shown to reverse cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more.

I am  a 75 year old male presently in  very good health. I am now ( 2013) symptom free and have been for many years. It has not always been this way. You may read my chelation story and see how I used both IV chelation and oral chelation therapy to change my life from a diseased person to a person who enjoys great health.

Chelation Therapy eliminated all my symptoms and the problems associated with my peripheral vascular disease. Also, I have developed for myself a dietary regimen that maintains and has improved all the good results that I have been  be able to achieve from chelation therapy. The chelation regimen I used and continue to use is easy and inexpensive. I have and am still adding information on my blog about nutrition and exercise methods. There are also many articles  on the subjects of chelation, poor circulation, antioxidants, smoking and more.

I am an individual just like you. When I started in 1980 I had run out of patience with the medical resources I had in my area. When I started chelation therapy using IV methods there were two health professional in the entire state of Colorado now there are seven in my home town of 150,000. doing chelation therapies. Surgery and drugs were my only options and the doctors said 1.) I would probably not be able to stop smoking and 2.) The disease would only get worse until amputation occurred.  I wanted a permanent correction to the circulation problems, the high blood pressure and the cholesterol. I have found these answers and would like to share them with you.  The reason I am confident is because the human body was created to function well for over a hundred years. It just needs the right tools.


One thing I need to be clear about is, that Chelation Therapy whether it is  IV Chelation Therapy or Oral Chelation will not cure  the actual disease. Chelation therapy does remove heavy metals which by itself has now been shown in research to improve circulation. It also, according to results oriented studies and hundreds of health professionals, does improve circulation enough that you can eliminate symptoms.  Chelation removes vessel obstruction and or improves the circulatory flow and it is perfectly safe.  You still have the chemical or nutrition imbalance or other condition that is causing your circulation problem in the first place. You must be committed to use chelation for the long haul. If you stop taking oral chelation therapy or IV chelation the problems will return, maybe not right away but it will eventually, depending on the original severity. I know, I have experienced it myself. Whatever is causing the damage, poor nutrition, genes, free radicals, inflammation, cholesterol, poor diet, lack of exercise  etc. needs to be eliminated or changed in order for the condition  to be eliminated. This goes for any physical condition or disease you are trying to repair. Chelation Therapy will help your circulatory condition just like it has helped millions of others. To cure the disease you need to give your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself. Good nutrition does not come in a box nor is it available at fast food restaurants. I wish you good luck and God speed.

Chelation Testimonials what other people are doing, thinking and getting.

EDTA Chelation Therapy Michael Cutler MD. Alternative Medicine expert on EDTA Chelation Therapy

IV Chelation Therapy IV EDTA Chelation therapy is an intravenous drip of sterile solution (water) and ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA). The EDTA that is added to each infusion varies by practitioner. However, 2.5 to 3.0 grams is considered a complete treatment.

Oral Chelation Therapy  Oral chelation is simply taking EDTA capsules or Liquid by mouth.

Chelation My journey to health using iv and oral chelation and  chelation therapy.

Chelation Therapy. The four primary methods of Chelation Therapy

My Oral Chelation Regimens and Products that I use to keep my circulation in good condition and to keep my vessels free of plaque.

Our Nutrition and Chelation Products Store

Heart Health Exercise is very important to those that have circulation problems of any kind. New research finds that the old way of aerobics does not work as well as combining aerobics with resistance training.

Natural Chelation Supplements Natural chelation supplements come in many forms and are sold presently by a great many internet sources including this website.

Natural Chelation Therapy Natural chelation therapy is usually considered to be herbal or food chelation. Chelation is the accepted therapy to remove toxins from the body.

Natural Chelation using cilantro and chlorella as in the Klinghardt protocol.

Chelation for Autism should you use chelation therapy for Autism.

Natural Iron Chelation. Chelation is approved for excessive iron in the blood stream.

Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease although highly controversial it has done wonders for thousands of people with no side effects.

Chelation and Diabetes chelation infusions shown to significantly reduce heart disease events in study of diabetics.

Chelation Therapy Side Effects There are little or no side effects regardless of what you might have heard. No one has shown that it is dangerous.

Chelation another definition of the therapy and how it works.

Iron Chelation how to deal with iron overload

Lead Chelation how to deal with chelation in regards to lead poisoning.

Cilantro Chelation using cilantro and chlorella as a chelating agent.

Intravenous Chelation the type of chelation therapy used by health professionals.

Chelation Therapy Questions And Answers questions and answers from readers

Antioxidants are the free radical killers you need for overall optimal health. Free radicals cause the damage to blood vessels and are the root cause of most vessel blockage.

Wound Healing Treatments these are wound healing treatments that I have undergone for the last 12 years.

Increase Circulation With Carotenoids In Foods

Cocoa Benefits Aids Hypertension now chocolate has been shown to be healthy, the right kind that is.

Heavy Metals and Chelation a discussion about heavy metals and their effects on the body

Heavy Metals and Chelation Therapy

Iron Chelation Therapy

Heavy Metal Detoxification With Chlorella and cilantro

Oral Chelation and Lead Removal Studies research studies are dramatic

The Rave Diet The diet that can cure heart and vascular disease.

Benefits Of Walking For Vascular Disease walking helps clear blood vessels and keep them clean

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