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What Is  IV Chelation Therapy??

IV EDTA Chelation therapy is an intravenous drip of sterile solution (water) and ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA). The amount of EDTA that is added  varies by practitioner. 2.5 to 3.0 grams is considered a complete treatment. Depending on the practitioner the other ingredients may vary as well. Below you will find the ingredients of a treatment I had from a Florida DO

The ingredients were 2.8 grams of EDTA in sterile water.. The vitamins added were C B1, B6 and B12. Also included was sodium bicarbonate. They also put in Heparin to use as an anticoagulant and Lidocaine to help eliminate the pain of infusion at the needle site.

All of the Chelation centers I have visited are set up very similar. Each center has a room or rooms filled with lounge chairs. Some large centers in  Florida and Arizona have 25 to 30 chairs. and small centers have 2 to 4 chairs.

Each center has their own procedures. If you go to an MD or a DO you might get a full work up and examination, at a charge of course. I have had infusions from homeopaths that just required a urinalysis and they checked your blood pressure both before, during and after the treatment. The urinalysis is used to check your kidney function. If it is in the normal range everything is fine. I have not experienced any real difference in the IV procedure itself.  Over time I have seen literally thousands of people in these centers and it is rare event to see problems during EDTA treatments. The problems I did see were caused by the conditions being treated not the EDTA treatments. Dr. Donsbach tells you what you always wanted to know about heart disease, stroke, oral chelation and IV chelation.


The patient sits in the lounge chair, which is a good thing, and one of the personnel starts the IV drip by inserting the needle in hand or arm. They time the drip to last from three to four hours. Some people can take the infusions in less than three hours but the centers I have visited like it to be over three hours. The most pain I have seen and experienced in these treatments is when the needle's are first inserted. Some people do not have readily available (easy to hit) veins and the probing causes the pain. In my experience most of the technicians who start the IV's are very good at what they do. Some people may experience some stinging pain at the needle site. The common way to stop the stinging is to slow down the drip. During the treatment people read, talk and sleep.

After the drip is finished you go about your business as usual. Most health practitioners recommend two or three treatments a week until 10 to 30 infusions are completed. The number of treatments is usually proportional to the original problem. I always got beginning symptom relief in four to five treatments and I usually did ten treatments at a time. On every occasion I took the IV for open wounds they healed. In my case if no chelation were done the wounds would eventually become infected and get progressively worse. I did find that once I finished the treatments I had to come back in a year or so and start again to keep the vessels clear enough to eliminate the symptoms. When I did not return for IV chelation and I waited the symptoms came back along with the problems. I eliminated the need for returning for IV treatments once I found my own oral chelation regimen.

Each IV treatment cost me from $75 to $90 per treatment. I had over 50  1996 through 2002. I recently called and priced the IV chelation treatments at 3 different centers. They now run $115 to $150 per treatment which makes oral chelation a much more favorable option.

Chelation doctors are not as hard to find now a days. When I first started I drove 120 miles round trip to get chelation treatments. There are now four people within 15 minutes of my Colorado home.

That is why I went on my quest to find an easier and cheaper way to maintain my good circulation and for me I have found it, with my Oral Chelation Regimen.

Chelation therapy improves heart and vessel health and benefits over thirty diseases and conditions.

Edta chelation benefits used by health professionals around the world.

Chelation Therapy Works. This therapy has been used since the 1940's. It does work for most people and I would say it works for all people to some degree.

Why Is EDTA Therapy Not Widely Accepted  A summary of medical politics, turf struggles between medical specialties, and the medical economics of EDTA chelation therapy is presented to answer the question, "If EDTA chelation therapy is so good, why is it not more widely accepted?"

Chelation History EDTA Chelation therapy was first noticed to have an effect on the circulatory system in the early 1940's. Sailors, ship fitters and battery industry workers were all developing lead poisoning from there work.

EDTA Chelation Therapy Practitioners  Chelation therapy is practiced by many different types of health care professionals. I have had iv chelation therapy from MDs, DOs chiropractors and Naturopathic doctors.

If you have Poor Circulation in Feet as I had both IV chelation and oral chelation can solve this problem.

Peripheral Vascular Disease can be helped with IV and oral chelation. Many medical professionals are now using this therapy with good results.

My EDTA Blog Updates. Here is where I drop in what I am doing and things I am trying.

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