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About The Author of Chelation Story

My name is Dan Keating and I have worked at home and worked on the internet since 1992. I am a Colorado native. We have lived and worked in Colorado  most of our lives. I am married and have three great children and 6 grandchildren.  I have successfully created web site  businesses and now I concentrate on web publishing and web products that are in the alternative health field.

My Chelation Story came from my desire to find a way to enjoy my life more fully and independently. It also came from the old adage, " Desperation Is Sometimes The Mother Of Invention".  For years my ability to walk and run and play with my children was severely limited by poor circulation. Yes, it was my responsibility to quit smoking which took me many years. However, the knowledge and the ability to cure the problem was there. It is to late now to complain that the medical community had the knowledge but refused to use that knowledge to help people. They did it then and they are still doing it today. That is why The Chelation Story was born.

All of the products I recommend are manufactured and bottled in a FDA approved  pharmaceutical laboratory. We have nothing to do with and no financial interest in this company, we only use their products. Their product quality is as high or higher than any company marketing or producing nutrients in the world. Their prices are better than most companies. The reason is simple. The product producers are a small lean company run by knowledgeable doctors. Their mission is the same as mine.  You should not ask why are prices are so low but why others are so high Some of our competitors market their products thru MLM or affiliate programs  that drive prices up drastically. For example: A product that sells for $10 with a 50% commission would make the product's true cost after commission 5 dollars. That means the commission payout alone doubled the product cost. That is not even taking into consideration the other expenses involved in managing complicated payout programs. Some increase the price by over 300%. That is not our mission.

I am an individual who is trying to bring to the public information that I know helped me and other people with major medical type problems. They are also products that will help your over all health even if no symptoms are now visible. I use or have used all of the products I recommend. If I do not get positive results, that I can see, I do not recommend a product. I have been doing health related research for over 30 years and let me tell you when you have a major problem you go to any lengths to solve this so you can live a joyful pain free life. I have done that with these products. If I can help some people do the same thing by information then that is my mission.

 In my years of experience I have learned the effectiveness of these words. Desire, Believe, Learn, Act, and Succeed. The Chelation Story is an example of these words.

I strongly believe in the power of each of us. We have everything we need inside of us to accomplish any intention we desire. There are ways to make any path to success easier and more fun. My intention is to help show you how you can improve your health and convince and inspire you, that you can.

My research shows that much of our disease can be helped by Chelation Therapy. Our world becomes more clogged with airborne and water born pollution every day. Oral Chelation is a fast, effective and inexpensive way to reduce that pollution in the body.

All of our endeavors are a way to bring positive information to people which we believe will help them live better lives. If you want to be healthy and successful in any undertaking the method to achieve the positive attributes uses the same basic principles.

The challenge to being successful in business is no different from the challenge that makes a relationship work or the successful endeavor of  becoming more healthy. If you can do one you can do the other. You need to believe you can and then follow the simple steps to success. However, one of the most difficult steps is taking action. None of my products will hurt you and the chances are extremely high that they will help.

 I think of myself as a problem solver. If you have a health opportunity or challenge and you want to talk, Feel free to call or at anytime.



You May Call Or E-mail Anytime 

Direct Cell Phone: 970.481.7733 

By email: info(at)chelationstory.com
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