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Anti Aging Super Foods
Antioxidant Nutrition

If you have a present circulatory problem, nutrition is extremely important. The anti aging super foods are primarily made up of fruits and vegetables. A virtual “Fountain of Youth” is right under our noses, literally. You Are What You Eat. A combination of foods high in antioxidants like fruits and other anti aging foods such as the dreaded vegetable has been shown to be the key to a long and healthy life. However, only 11% of us are eating fruits and vegetables even close to the proper amounts.

Surprise! The Center for Disease Control recognizes this and states ”we recommend supplementation for those people who cannot or do not eat enough plant-based food” Hooray! We can help.

It has been my personal experience that these super foods when taken regularly and combined with exercise and a positive mental attitude have improved my health dramatically. You wake up in the mornings refreshed, alert and ready for the day. There is no midday let down my energy remains strong all day. These supplements give me the feeling of well being and I think that in the vast majority of cases it will do the same for you.

Circulation problems have now been shown to be caused by free radical damage. Free radicals are damaged cells caused by the unhealthy food we eat, the contamination in the air we breathe and the chemicals we drink in our water. The increase in heavy metals in our system is one of the largest culprits. And heavy metal detoxification can be helped by EDTA chelation therapy. It can also be helped by detoxification with nutritional food supplements like Chlorella and Oregano.

Want to live to 150 or older? Scientist say our bodies can last over 150 years. Now that is a fountain of youth compared to our present average of 78 years. Or how about living to 125 and have the feeling of well being and health the whole time? Our bodies were designed by an intelligence which has found no equal. The body rejuvenates itself completely every six to seven years. Even the brain has now been found to regenerate some of its cells when needed. Antioxidants and other anti aging compounds like those found in our new line  of Super Foods and Super Berry Energy Drink can help you overcome the aging process and lead to better overall health.

Anti Aging Antioxidants Super Food Formulas to the rescue! Antioxidants are in many different types of fruits and vegetables which research and studies have shown help our body’s cells overcome the attacks of free radicals. Increased intake of phytonutrients containing antioxidants has shown a decrease in heart disease, stroke and cancer and improves the natural mechanisms for detoxification, stress relief and enhances the immune system. Antioxidants solve the problem of free radicals by giving them an electron and neutralizing them.

A healthy and sound body and mind is your greatest asset. And as you age you need all the help you can get and I can personally attest to that. That is why I am bringing this information and line of products to you They have helped me, my family and friends and they can help you too.

Super Berry Antioxidant Drink equals almost 3 pounds of fruit in one small dose. Giving an ORAC rating of over 3500 per dose.

Super Berry Antioxidant Drink Label.

Super Greens and Veggies. The vegetable formula that has almost 30 pounds of fresh plants in every serving.

Super Greens Natural Flavor Ingredients and Label

Super Greens Tropical Flavor Ingredients Label

Super Food Max is over 90 ingredients that will give your body the protection it needs to help conquer heart disease, stroke, cancer and liver disease. A great diet tool as a full meal replacement with all the nutrition you need.

Super Food Max Label

Chlorella a true super food.

Chlorella is a Super Food which performs chelation. It can  remove mercury and other heavy metals from the blood.

Chlorella the Super Food with high protein, vitamins and amino acids,

Chlorella Growth Factor has many anti aging properties.

Chlorella has more protein than beef.

Chlorella studies show it can help against cancer.

Noni Fruit Extracts

Noni Fruit Benefits

Noni Testimonials

Green Tea Reduces Heart Risk

Grape Seed Extract Benefits Circulation Problems

In accordance with the FDA these products are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any diseases. Please consult your health care professional prior to taking dietary supplements. Information on this site is given for educational purposes only and is not to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a health condition, please seek the advice of your doctor.


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Last modified: December 10, 2013