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Oral Chelation and Nutrition Store
EDTA Each Bottle Has 120 Capsules 800mg EDTA Each. I have used this product for over 20 years and have sold thousands of bottles and have hundreds and hundreds of customers who are using it. I have retired from active business and you will see below where I recommend you purchase it. The pharmaceutical lab which manufactures this product , Amermed, now sells directly to the public at a substantially reduced price.

Click Here to go to his web site. You can only order using Pay Pal or credit card. He does not accept phone orders the last I knew.

Multi Vitamin 120 Capsules (2 months Supply). This is a high quality vitamin/mineral but hard to find except on the web. Search for Empirical Lab Auralife. Recently I tried a multi Vitamin/Mineral I purchased from CostCo. It is the Kirkland Brand  Performance Multi Energy Formula. I am quite happy with this product and use it everyday now.


Super Fruit and Berries Label Over two pounds of fresh fruit is used to produce each serving of Super Fruit & Berries. It contains 27 different fruits plus resveratrol and quercetin for energy and antioxidant power. 8000 ORAC units per serving. Add probiotic spectrum, circulation and heart support and you have a nutrient formula that provides 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day.

Super Fuel Tropical Flavor Label  Super Fuel is a very powerful vegetable formula with sprouts, vegetables, super greens, mushrooms and sea vegetables. It contains 10 pounds of vegetable nutrients per scoop. There are 3 servings of vegetables in every scoop.

Super Fuel Cherry Flavor Grain Free Label  Super Fuel Grain Free contains more than nine pounds of fresh vegetables made into vegetable essence in every serving. You receive 3 servings of vegetables per scoop.
Liposomal Vitamin C The liposomal delivery method allows for 360% more absorption. This product gives you 1000mg of Vitamin C and 96% of it gets into the cells. Tablets and pills get  only 5-10% Absorption. This is why you see recommendations of 10,000mg per dose. Our Vitamin C is the highest quality most technically advanced liposomal delivery on the market today. Click here for more information. Linus Pauling the famed scientific researcher and two time nobel prize winner was the person who showed over and over that Vitamin C in high doses could prevent and cure disease. However, until now it took dozens of pills 6 times a day to come close to the dosage requirements to cure medical conditions. Now we have the liposomal delivery method and siz teaspoons a day as been show to cure cancer in some people. Further it has been shown to almost completely negate the side effects of chemo and radation therapy. And this is only the beginning. It can eliminate many virus cause bothersome symptoms like runny nose, sinus blockages, allergies and more. Read more.

Each Bottle is a one month supply. Serving size is 5mil. Each serving contains 1000mg vitamin C and 400mg all natural phosphatidylcholine.



The Rave Diet This is the diet I used to help clear my blood vessels after taking EDTA. In order for you to permanently clear vessels you need to change your diet to the point that you eliminate toxins and inflammation causing substances. Inflammation has been linked to blood vessel and heart disease. Cholesterol is also a risk factor in all vascular and heart disease. Getting your cholesterol to a level below 200 should also help.

 The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle - 3rd Edition


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