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Oral Chelation Regimen

Here is My EDTA Regimen (Before starting chelation read our recommendations)

If you have vascular symptoms you will need three bottles to start to show results.

One Bottle of EDTA: 10-30 days. Any of the dosages below will work.

8 caps of 800mg each a day for 15 days.
You may take more or less per day as you wish. Some people experience diarrhea when taking 12 a day. If you can tolerate 12 a day it is ok to take that many. There is no harm. You may take 4 per day the regimen justs lasts longer the results are usually the same.

One Bottle of Multi-Vitamins/Minerals
2 caps a day for life. During Chelation be sure to take a multi-vitamin.

After each regimen I take no EDTA for 14-30 days to let my body rest. Also it is well known in clinics around the world that the benefits of Chelation continues to work for weeks after a therapy session ends.

Then  I start over or shift to a maintenance level.

Buy EDTA and/or Multi-Vitamins

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2008 Update   It is now May and I am taking 3 capsules of EDTA  a day as my maintenance dose. In that way I figure I absorb about 1 gram per day using my sublingual/liquid method I recommend to my readers. Also I have increased my normal 1 to 2 caps a day of my multi vitamins to 4 caps per day to see if I can increase my energy levels.

2008 Update I have been taking approximately 4 capsules a day since about February 1st. I do not have any bothersome symptoms but every time I see the pollution in the air on the front range of Colorado I wonder how many metal and other toxins are in what I breathe.  This year the plan is to take three or four regimens. The amount will be determined by how I feel. Three regimens a year should fairly well keep my circulation in good shape. Stay tuned I will let you know.

What I did Timeline.
Early in 2006 I started getting leg cramps while I slept or just upon waking.. They became more and more severe during the year and by late summer they were getting real tiresome. I had been taking other EDTA programs  during this time but they were not effective and in  my opinion do not have the EDTA ingredients necessary to do anything, especially in a timely manner. I found the product I now use in August 2006 and immediately went on the above regimen doing two bottles as above.

I took 8 capsules a day for the first bottle. Plus 2 caps a day of multi-vitamins. I noticed a small reduction in the cramps about half way through the first regimen. I then rested for thirty days. During this thirty days I continue my daily vitamins and antioxidants and add arginine. By the end of the rest period I found the cramps greatly diminished but still present. During that 30 days I discovered the rest of the information I needed on absorption and started the second bottle and took 4 capsules a day sublingually. By the middle of the second bottle the cramps were completely gone just in time for the holidays. I finished and rested again. During rest periods continue all vitamins and antioxidants of choice.

Taking EDTA capsules.
There are three ways to take the capsules but I have settled on the sublingual-liquid method. (My name for it). First I take apart the capsule using an upright position. You will lose a few granules. I then dump the capsule under my tongue, I hold it there for a minute letting the saliva accumulate and dissolve the EDTA. I then sip a very small amount of water and the EDTA goes into solution almost immediately. I then hold the EDTA in my mouth for another minute or more before swallowing. I feel we are getting at least 50% absorption and possibly a lot more. With the effectiveness and the price I get I am pleased with the 50%. You may also take the multi-vitamins using the same sublingual-liquid method. However you will have to cut or puncture the vitamin capsule. You may also just pull apart the capsules and put into4 to 8 ounces of water and stir vigorously. You might have to stir for a minute or more to get it all dissolved.

I Take Daily.
2 caps EDTA 
2 cap multi-vitamin Why?
2 caps Vitamin C Why?
2 caps vitamin E Why?

I do not take both of the following but one or the other as an antioxidant.
2 Caps Acai Why??
2 Caps Goji extract Why?

A Maintenance Level
After you have reached your goal of how to feel then go on maintenance. For maintenance I would recommend at least three to nine bottles a year. This is to protect you against circulation problems but in addition it helps protect you against heavy metal toxicity which is increasing rapidly in our country. If you do not change your diet then the plaque levels will return along with the systems. As I have said I live in Colorado and just recently read a report that our pristine lakes and reservoirs are full of mercury in the sport fish such as pike and trout. The mercury comes through the air mostly. This is becoming a disease in itself. Heavy metals have been shown to be at the root of much of our disease.

Depending upon your condition when you start EDTA Oral Chelation will determine how many full regimens you will need to get the desired results. If you have a major circulation problems in the extremities, major arteries or  heart problems you may need to take three to four full regimens to get the desired effect. Only you can determine this. It is how you feel that counts. I knew one individual who told me he had 50 to 70% occlusion (blockage) in his major carotid arteries (neck arteries), he took 20 IV Chelation treatments before he noticed any difference and 50 over a year's time  before he went on maintenance. NOTE: I always recommend IV Chelation if you have a major problem to begin with like needing heart by-pass surgery (always get a second opinion, even the AMA states that many bypass surgeries are un-necessary) or carotid artery blockage or open wounds or gangrene. You need 100% absorption as quick as possible under a professionals care. 

However, if you cannot afford IV Chelation or it is not available or for any other reason, then by all means do oral chelation, it will get you where you want to be, healthier. As always the choice of surgery or Chelation is always yours.

Using the above regimen we calculate we are getting somewhere between 30% and 50% absorption depending on how you take the capsules. (Read Entire Absorption Story Please) What this means is one of our regimens is  equal to about 10 IV Chelation treatments. at about $1100 total plus expenses vs our Regimen is less than $50. Order My regimen Today Increase Your Circulation Tomorrow.

Why Multi-Vitamins/Minerals? I believe one should take a multi-vitamin/mineral every day, irregardless of whether or not you are doing chelation.. Our worn out soil, our processing of food and the way we eat as a society just does not give us the nutrients our body needs. This multi vitamin/mineral tablet is by far the best formula for the money I can find. See formula here. It can be taken sublingually too if you wish for inside the capsule it is almost liquid or it can be mixed with water or juice. In addition many health professionals feel that EDTA takes some of the good minerals at the same time it is taking the bad. There is a lot of varying opinions on this. However, it is our recommendation you take a multi-vitamin while taking EDTA, can't hurt.

Our Multi Vitamin and Mineral Label. Our product is a very high quality complete product that is an inexpensive addition to your optimal health.

Our store features all that we talk about and recommend that you take. Our products are high quality at very reasonable prices. All made in FDA approved laboratories.

In accordance with the FDA these products are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any diseases. Please consult your health care professional prior to taking dietary supplements. Information on this site is given for educational purposes only and is not to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a health condition, please seek the advice of your doctor.

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