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Chelation Studies

Journal of Advancement in Medicine

Volume 4, Number 3, Fall 1991 

A Non-Surgical Approach to Obstructive

Carotid Stenosis Using EDTA Chelation

C. J. Rudolph, DO, PhD E. McDonagh, DO,

ACGP; and R. K. Barber, BS, ACSM, ETT

Abstract: Thirty subjects with arteriosclerotic vascular disease were treated with 3 gram intravenous infusions of disodium ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA). These patients were evaluated objectively for both right and left internal carotid atheromatous stenosis at the bifurcation, before and after EDTA chelation. Each subject had treatments over a period of approximately IO months. Overall intra-arterial obstruction decreased 20.9% +/- 2.3% (t--g.921. p<.001*). Subjects with greater than 33% (i.e. statistically + I i) above initial mean obstruction. experienced a reduction in stenosis of 35.00% +/- 4.3% after treatment (t-- S. 178, p<0.00 I * n= 16). (*Statistically significant change comparing the difference of the means).


This continues a series of paper-s analyzing the effects of intravenous ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) therapy (1-13). Many physicians have successfully used EDTA to treat atherosclerotic vascular disease (14-16). In particular, this research studied stenosis at the bifurcation of the common carotid and in the internal carotid arteries before and after EDTA infusions.


Significant improvement in the treatment of carotid occlusive disease should be as effective as surgery. The results from this study demonstrate that EDTA chelation, together with appropriate Anti Aging Super Foodal supplements and diet management can significantly decrease atheromatous plaque and the chance of cerebral infarction, thus satisfying this requirement.

Moreover, it should be emphasized that the safety of treatment, repeatedly demonstrated in our studies (1-13), far outweighs the published risks of endarterectomy (23). If the end result is equal to, or better than surgery, chelation should be offered as the preferred treatment.

Dr. Rudolf practices and is a partner at the McDonagh Medical Center, Inc. in Kansas City, Mo. were Dr. McDonagh is founder and Miss Barber is Cardiac Director.

  Address reprint requests to: Charles J. Rudolph, D.O., PhD., 2800-A Kendalwood Pkwy, Kansas City, MO. 64119. (@1991 Human Science Press, Inc. (complete studies on file.

Chelation Shows Vascular Improvement

Chelation Research Chelation Therapy Works. This therapy has been used since the 1940's. It does work for most people and I would say it works for all people to some degree.

Obstructed Carotid Arteries Show Significant Improvement with EDTA

Chelation Research  *In our view, the beneficial results that were observed were far in excess of the 10-15% improvement that is usually seen in the placebo group of a controlled study. Of 65 patients who were referred for coronary by-pass surgery, 58 did not require it after chelation therapy.

AMA Found Alternative Medicine Works  The results of the study were published in an article entitled WHY PATIENTS USE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE in the May 20, 1998 edition of Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) p. 1548-1553 by Stanford researcher John A. Astin, PhD.

Arteriosclerosis Improves 80% With EDTA Chelation  In a retrospective study we report results of EDTA chelation in 470 patients, using a number of parameters, most of them objective. Although the patients acted as their own controls, we observed improvements of8O to 91%, depending on the measurement used.

The use of chelation therapy for leg cramps is not a new idea. However this letter shows where vitamins and nutrition might be effective without the use of chelation therapy.

Chelation and Diabetes   study shows reduction of heart events with chelation.

EDTA Dangers

Chelation Therapy Research To Chelation


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