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Chelation Therapy Testimonials

This was sent to by a lady through my face book site.
October 2, 2009  Probably if i hadn't used chelation iv therapy my future would have been very uncertain ..I have my feet back, my mind back and much of my stamina and desire to get up and go back ...Thank goodness it was suggested to me ..i am on treatment 23


Received in 2012

Hello Dan.
I am doing very good thank you. I started my 3rd bottle of EDTA and I am feeling much much better. I was very tired and I had pain in my left arm now I am feeling more energy and no pain.

You see I am 64 years old and I am diabetic but with this RAVE diet and EDTA I am on the right track.
About 2 months ago my Dr. sent me to a stress test and when I was ready to run, the nurse did not like the electrocardiogram and told me to get another kind of test. I didn't and went home. I started looking on the internet and I was very lucky to find your website.

Thank you very much for all you do and for sharing your history.
God bless.!!!!
Gilbert M. -- California

I do IV chelation So far with the iv my feet have quit rotting and are healthy and pink again .. my legs have quit swelling .. I am no longer sleeping 16-18 or more hrs a day . I am thinking clearly , both my sight and hearing has vastly improved .. I had some serious discolorations on both sides of my face and that is all but gone .. My hair is growing back .. It had ceased to grow about 9-10 yrs ago .. I have two inches new growth ..I don't even care that it is snow white ..
It didn't do anything for the pain in my bones and my tremors but I'm not going to complain , so much else has improved ..ya cant have it all i guess.. but who knows what might happen with further chelation??!! TTB

She has also changed her diet and is eating more fruits and vegetables.

April 2009 from a user and reader

I followed / started your regimen ( started w/ 7 caps, 4 & 3 a day and presently down to 2 caps, 1 & 1 a day) and I'm glad to shout that although I'm not fully healed as evidenced by my recent "treadmill stress test", I had a "leap frog" improvement, healthwise.

Before oral chelation, I was taking 3 anti-anginal caps a day and still had 2-3 anginal attacks. Now, I'm down to 1 anti-anginal cap and almost always, get through the day with mostly none to seldom once attack per day.

Coupled of course with supplements ranging from multi-vitamins w/minerals, co-q10, vit. E, omega caps, to etc., I am able to bicycle about 10 - 14 miles a day from a mere half a mile a day.

Lots of thanks to you Dan and your oral chelation regimen. May you touch the lives of people who are living with this illness and may you give them hope to battle this illness by heading to your advice.

Please allow me be in alliance with you in spreading this information here in our country as many are suffering from this same illness.

Kudos and more power to you!



Another story from one of our users.

Here is a life saving testimonial I recently read in Dr. Robert J. Rowan, M.D.'s newsletter. "Fourteen years ago, two highly respected doctors said to me "If your still alive in the morning, we want to do a quadruple bypass." "I refused the surgery. Instead, I started a series of 40 chelation treatments, the results were fantastic!" "Today at age 68, my health is better than average with sex life normal, thought you would like to know" VM Denver, Colorado.

More and more doctors are now recommending or doing chelation therapy. Page one of Doctors stories.

Page two of more doctors stories

Surgeon Recommends EDTA Chelation Therapy in Professional Magazine

In the February 2004 issue of "Prescriptions for Healthy Living" by James Balch M.D. Dr Balch recommended to a reader "Ronald" that he take 5,000mg a day of Calcium EDTA orally for his weight of 175 lbs. It was reported that Ronald was a 75-year-old man who was suffering from intermittent claudication (arteries clogged in the legs) (Also called PAD, editor) and he took up the use of 5,000 mg. of Calcium EDTA per day.  His vision had deteriorated from age 60 until the lights went out at 72.  In addition to the intermittent claudication, he was blind for the last 3 years.  Four months after taking 5,000 mg. per day (5 grams of Calcium EDTA) along with other supplements, his intermittent claudication went away -- and what's more remarkable -- his vision returned!

By way of comparison, in the study which resulted in U. S. FDA approval of pentoxifylline (Trental®), for the treatment of claudication, walking distance before pain of claudication increased by only an average 25% over baseline with treatment. Nonetheless, that small amount of improvement was considered statistically significant and Trental® was approved for marketing by the FDA. EDTA was more than twice as effective, even using the publicly announced results of the Heidelberg study. Reprinted from the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 2, Numbers 1/2, Spring/Summer 1989, pages 213-226. Editors note: The possible side  effects for Trental are angina pain, heart palpitation,  flushing, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and more. EDTA Chelation has no side effects. Oral EDTA can cause lose stools on occasion..

J.J. a 58 year old teacher had diabetes. He also had foot ulcers that would not heal and was in the hospital for a massive dose of antibiotic treatment. This had little or no affect. His doctor recommended amputating the leg and a fitting for a prosthesis. He agreed much to his dismay. He then called the substitute teacher who was handling his classes while he was in the hospital to report he would be out for at least six months for surgery and rehabilitation. The other teacher recommend he call The Whitaker Wellness Institute founded and run by Julian Whitaker MD for a second opinion. After the call he immediately checked out of the hospital over his doctors warnings of the dire consequences he would suffer. Long story short after chelation therapy and a radical change of diet J.J. is walking around and teaching with no problems, all on his own legs. J.J. Says chelation saved his life.  Taken from the Whitaker Wellness Newsletter, February 1996. Editor's note. The Whitaker newsletter has been full of these kinds of chelation stories over the years.

Raymond C a 266 lb 44 year old policeman was experiencing chest heaviness and could no longer maintain any exercise tolerance. He was taking Inderal, vasodilators, blood pressure pills and diuretics. He also had diabetes He was feeling that he could no longer perform his duty as a police officer. He was so tired he did not want to do anything. His own opinion he was ready for a pine box. He visited Robert S. Walters MD in early 1983. The doctor gave Raymond a complete work up and agreed that Raymond had circulatory problems and assuredly had intermittent claudication. The doctor found cholesterol 305, fasting blood sugar 293, potassium was low at 3.3 and chlorides were 90. His blood was so thick it could not be separated into it's lipid components and his blood pressure was 170/102.  Chelation was started. After only five chelation treatments his blood sugar was 107 cholestrol 171 potassium came up to 4.2 and blood pressure returned to 120/80. By the end of treatment he was off all meds and returned to his work with no problems. Taken from the book " The Chelation Way  by Dr. Morton Walker. There are hundreds of stories like this.

Dr. G.K., a 78-year-old female surgeon from Vienna, was informed that she was facing heart valve surgery. She began oral chelation therapy, as well as intravenous treatments and has been able to forestall surgery for years. She has been experiencing shortness of breath and high blood pressure, but these conditions have been reversed and she has been able to return to a full active functioning in her post-retirement avocation as a judge in dog shows.

Thank You Readers

Thank you for all the emails and phone calls with your questions and challenges. Every time I get one I seem to learn something. Thanks to LH for the recent email on the possible side effect of blood thinners and chelation therapy.(More in the next post) The field of vascular problems is a large one and it is hard to keep up even for a doctor in the field. I have recently had conversations with my own doctors about EDTA Chelation Therapy. They all know I do chelation therapy and that I write about it. So they ask me how it is going and what is happening with me and my customers. It is gratifying and shocking at the same time. Back in 1980 when this all really started for me they all just blew me off.

My family doctor is now much more interested than he was previously. This alone is a step forward. I am always giving them a hard time about such things as what does "clear" mean when they are diagnosing vessel clogs. Clear to them means less than 50%. Clear to me is clear which means 0%. I also am pleased because they are a great source of information.

Again if any reader has information please send it on because it might help other people with this same condition. If any of you have stories where EDTA has improved your life please send them along and I will publish them here. I know it helps to show how people have improved their own health especially when friends and some doctors are telling you EDTA does not work or is dangerous.

Again Thank You Very Much top all of you.

Doctors are now recommending, using and offering chelation therapy to their patients.

Page two of more doctors stories

Here is my Oral Chelation Regimen.

IV Chelation Therapy  IV EDTA Chelation therapy is an intravenous drip of sterile solution (water) and ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA). The EDTA that is added to each infusion varies by practitioner. However, 2.5 to 3.0 grams is considered a complete treatment.

Oral Chelation Therapy  Oral chelation is simply taking EDTA capsules or Liquid by mouth.

Wound Healing Treatments that I have used on myself for the last 12 to 15 years.


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