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Exercise For Circulation
Turn Back The Clock
Exercise, Anti Aging Super Food Diet and positive thought are the three things you need to concentrate on to give you the resources to be able to defeat poor circulation and heart disease. All these years we have been doing the wrong kind or exercise.

New research from Harvard University shows that long aerobic workouts, jogging and running are actual harmful to your body and especially your heart. But the real clincher is that these types of exercise gives your body the wrong fat burning messages. There is a much better way to burn fat. And it takes less time than you might think.

Those of us that have circulation and heart problems need to exercise but we need the right kind of exercise The best exercise for people with severe circulation problems is simply to walk. Yes I know walking can be hard especially if you have claudication and peripheral vascular disease. I have been there done that. I have at one time in my life not been able to walk a full block with out calf pain so intense I had to stop. And that is how you do it. You just keep going and then stop and then start again. This is  very similar to interval training. Then you graduate to the program that is saving people from heart and circulation by the thousands. It is called the Pace program and was invented and patented by Dr. Al Sears.

You can ditch those grueling, monotonous, "Cardio" Routines and uncover a lean, disease free body in as little as 12 minutes a day. Many of today's greatest athletes know the secret. Carl Lewis, the winner of 9 Olympic gold medals, credits interval training – the basis of the PACE® program – for his record-breaking career. He even recommends it to non-athletes who want to reach their highest potential.

By increasing the intensity and varying the duration of each interval according to the program, your heart and lungs get the right challenge they need to transform and stay fit and strong – well beyond the age of 100!

Where long-duration exercise causes your heart and lungs to shrink, PACE® does just the opposite. PACE® builds up reserve capacity in your heart (the only way to avoid a heart attack) and triggers the expansion of your lungs (your ticket to a long, disease-free life).

Back to the Harvard research study--the researchers published the Harvard Health Professionals Study. After studying over 7,000 people they found that the key to preventing heart disease is intensity – NOT long-duration exercise.

This is the exercise program I have switched to. The main attraction in the beginning was the short time needed but every other indication now tells me it just flat works, more on that later. I strongly recommend that you give the Pace program a try. You will not regret it.

If you have recently had corrective surgery for circulation problems, including bypass or valve surgery, it has been shown that the Pace Program is the best method for heart health exercise.  


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