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Heart Health Blood Vessel Health
Keeping your heart and blood vessels clear is the way to a healthy body. Anytime circulation slows down in any part of the body problems will start happening almost immediately. The major concern is that poor circulation leads to stroke, heart disease and other debilitating conditions. If you have poor circulation EDTA chelation therapy can help clear clogged vessels.  In my case IV chelation and oral chelation cured my symptoms of peripheral vascular disease and all the symptoms that went along with this disease..

In order to keep your blood vessels free and therefore your heart health at peak levels you need to do some things from a very young age. You need to eat good food, mostly fruits and vegetables, you need to exercise, and keep your weight within 5 to 10 pounds of ideal. Also do not smoke or do any kind of drugs.

The societies that live the longest on average are those whose peoples have clear and free flowing blood vessels and strong heart muscles. Most of the communities which have great longevity in semi isolated societies. These people do not eat processed food and primarily eat much less of the good food, grown locally, they do eat. All of these societies work at their jobs well into old age which is their form of continuous exercise.

As you you know most members of modern society do not follow the life choice of these long lived people. It is the main reason we have so much heart disease, cancer and stroke. EDTA IV and oral chelation can really help you unclog your blood vessels and keep them that way. Once unclogged you will need less and less to keep them that way depending on your diet and exercise programs.

Chelation therapy is approved by the FDA for the removal of lead. However this is not what most people use it for and it is not why most health professionals give it to their patients. The number one use of edta chelation therapy is to unclog blood vessels in all parts of the body. Unclogging blood vessels will help the following conditions.

MD's, DO's, ND's and other health professionals recommend EDTA for these conditions.

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IV Chelation  More expensive but works better and faster than oral chelation. It also has a few minor physical side effects which can occur.

Oral Chelation   Is the taking of EDTA by mouth in either liquid or capsule form. There are also suppositories that can be used.

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