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Liquid Oral Chelation Therapy 
The Physicians Desk Reference of 1996 shows a chart which is supposed to be a scientific fact about liquid absorption. Further investigation showed the claim to be bogus.

You see The Physicians Desk Reference just republishes material sent by drug manufactures, vitamin manufactures, and other supplement company information. This information was sent in by a multi-level marketing company called Vitamist. They then turned around and quoted the Physicians Desk Reference as the authority.

They are still claiming this on a page in their web site. That their vitamin line absorbs 900% better than a pill or capsule. However, they post no evidence of any kind that it works that much better.

For years now a multitude of companies have been using that reference to tell the consumer that liquid absorbs better than a pill or capsule. I cannot find any evidence that anyone has done the research that actually shows this to be a true statement. It is also used by the leading liquid Oral Chelation Supplement on the market.

However with all that aside there is evidence from research that shows water and other liquids are ready for absorption quicker than pills or capsules. Further it is my thought that we probably really do not need to have vegetable capsules or the process and chemicals it takes to make pills.

Further there was some research by a doctor which stated that pills were not effective because the were eliminated before they were fully digested because the pill would not dissolve. The study was not very pleasant, but very dramatic. They examined human waste from outhouses and after filtering and washing they found thousands and thousands of pills still in the waste.

 This test was done with solid pills not vegetable capsules which dissolve in the stomach in less than two minutes. Further if you take a vegetable capsule apart and just swallow or hold the powder contents in the mouth it is very close to 100% liquid by the time it enters the stomach. Also EDTA is a protein building amino acid and is effected by stomach acid. If swallowed on an empty stomach there is very little stomach chemical reaction at all if any.

However also there are many advantages to liquid oral chelation.

  1. They are easy to swallow, especially good for us older folks.

  2. They are ready for absorption immediately.

  3. If they do absorb faster they are more effective.

  4. Our product taken in liquid form, dissolved in water, is the cheapest pure EDTA on the market.

  5. There are no fillers in liquid just EDTA so nothing to be digested first.

Our Oral Chelation Supplement taken in liquid form including the multi-vitamins is over  four times cheaper than the leading liquid Oral Chelation Supplement on the market.

Liquid Chelation to Oral Chelation


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