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Chelation My Treatment Story

CHELATION STORY The story actually starts in 1955 my junior year in high school and if you wish to know or read about my teen years. go here

Ever since 1955 I have had one form or another of circulation problems in my extremities. It started with blood clots in my legs due to athletic injuries. This was diagnosed as Buergers disease. This went on for many years and I was told to stop smoking as the only thing that would help. It turned out they were right about this but it took me many years to completely stop. I did stop many thousands of times just not permanently.  Bookmark and Share

Not stopping smoking was a very bad choice. A choice that was my responsibility. However, I did not find out until I was about 50 that the doctors never expected me to stop smoking. They later told me they believed at that time that smoking to a Buerger's disease patient  is like heroin to a heroin addict. 

Along the way I had about six surgeries to fix the problems of inflamed blood vessels and clots. They also did a sympathectomy operation which is meant to increase circulation. I later found out they knew it probably wouldn't work but did it anyway. A year later they stopped doing these types of surgical procedures. Also, along the way I had five years of open wounds that would not heal. These are just like diabetic ulcers although they ran all the tests and they found no diabetes. Doctors said live with it. They also said stop smoking. And I did not. Again my responsibility. Dumb I know!

Then I found a doctor, the only one, who said he could fix the open wounds but not the circulation problem. He did just that with a plastic surgery procedure. Since this kind of circulation problem is hard to detect until something like leg cramps, sleepy feet, pain when walking and open wounds strikes, I was feeling pretty good after the surgery.

I became very careful about injury and went on with a busy life working and taking care of my family. I had a few problems of slow healing but I was always able to heal it with natural means before it got infected. But then in late 1979 it happened again. I owned a retail import store and a glass table top slipped out of my hands and fell damaging toes on both feet. The wounds became infected and would not heal. It spread quickly and by March 1980 it was a mess. I could hardly walk.

I literally ran to the best plastic surgeon I could find. We had since moved from Texas back to our home town in Colorado. I asked the question what would be the fastest way to get back on my feet. He recommended amputating three toes rather than trying to save them with plastic surgery and months and months of bed rest while everything healed.

I entered the hospital on April 1. April fool's day, fitting huh. Also On April 1, 1980 I quit smoking, for good this time. With the surgery and no smoking my conditioned improved greatly. I went on an exercise program and have been walking nearly every day since. If you have a heart or circulatory problem of any kind my recommendation, QUIT SMOKING.

Even though my condition improved greatly the symptoms of poor circulation were still present just not as severe. Occasionally through injury I would get wounds that were still slow to heal and I had some of the symptoms of PAD such as leg pain when walking and most recently leg cramps.

So I started again to research in the early 80's for a cure to this situation. I forget really where I ran across Chelation Therapy for the first time. At that time before the internet I was a big book fan. I have books every where about the subjects I am interested in. The two best books on chelation are :
1.Bypassing Bypass: by Elmer Cranton, M.D 
2. The Chelation Way by Dr. Morton 

In 1992 I had my first Chelation treatments. I was traveling and working in Florida on hard concrete floors and the left side of my foot opened up at the site of an old wound.   Stopping smoking had really helped but did not cure the problem. The poor circulation was still there, lurking.  Florida is the easiest place in the nation to find Chelation practitioners.   In 1992 I did not know about effective oral chelation. There were very few oral chelation programs around and even fewer that worked.

I did ten IV Chelation treatments and my foot healed fine at the same time I continued work. A great difference from before. Before Chelation I had to get off my feet for months  or it would never heal. It is hard to earn a living lying in bed.  The cost of a Chelation treatment at that time was $75 each. The price now varies from $110 to $150 depending on who is doing them and in what part of the country. Most of the health practitioners belong to ACAM and you can see them listed here if you want to do IV Chelation.

All in all I have had over 30 IV Chelation treatments and I have not had an open wound since. As you will see upon visiting a IV Chelation practitioner the amount of recommended treatments will vary depending on the problem. If your heart arteries are almost clogged it might be 20 or 30 to start and could be as high as 50. And after that 10 or 20 a year.

The reason you have to keep having the treatments is the damage free radicals do to the vascular system on a daily basis. This damage has increased in recent years because of all the pollution in our air, water and food.

My last IV Chelation was in 2000. The more I did the better I got and I could start going longer periods between treatments. Also, I must emphasis that walking or other exercise is essential if you want to improve your condition. It can be hard but you must do what you can.

If you can afford it and you have the time and it is no burden then by all means do IV Chelation.  However, there are many geographic areas (most actually) that IV Chelation practitioners are few and far between or non existent. In some instances I have seen people drive 150 to 200 miles to get a treatment. At today's gas prices that is very expensive. So because of economic conditions I decided to look elsewhere for a solution. With the amount of pollution we now ingest chelation could become as common as taking any other supplement.


Enter Oral Chelation.

Oral Chelation has been around for a very long time but it has not been  accepted and still is not as a general rule.  There are 100's of oral Oral Chelation Supplements now available but few that have the proper ingredients to do the job or the ingredients are good just not the right ones in the right does to get the job done quickly.    Now many MD's and other practitioners are publishing their results on oral chelation that show it does work and work well.

I went through many different oral Oral Chelation Supplements and found most do not work.   The ones that did work the effectiveness was slow and very expensive. The products without a large amount of EDTA were not effective or it took months and months to realize any positive effect. There are many nutrients that do some form of chelation such as vitamins, amino acids and others. IV chelation works very quickly. I believe oral chelation should to. My regimen works almost as q1uick as IV chelation for me.

I have been using my oral chelation regimen now for over a year and it works great. The first time I used this regimen it worked quickly, effectively and inexpensively.

Most recently (2006) I was having an increasing incidence of leg cramps at night or when I stretched my legs straight out. I have a habit upon awakening of stretching my legs and I have been doing it for years and years. In addition I sleep like a pretzel and my fingers and hands were beginning to fall asleep much easier than in the past. Both of these symptoms are classic poor circulation. During this time I was using other oral chelation formulas none of which worked.

I took my regimen twice (2 bottles EDTA and 2 bottles Multi-Vitamin Minerals) over a four month period. See Regimen Total cost less than $70. IV Chelation would cost about $2000

All I can say is, "it works for me" and it has worked for millions of others. This story is intended to tell you how it worked for me and in the testimonials how it worked for others. The choice is always yours. If you want to cure something you have to sometimes take the responsibility and do it. Oral chelation is safe. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. Try my oral chelation supplement and see for yourself.

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