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What Is  Oral Chelation Therapy?
EDTA Oral Chelation Therapy is simply ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid by mouth. (EDTA). There are many oral Chelation formulas available in both retail stores and web sites. The Oral Chelation formulas are in tablet, capsule and liquid. Some that state the are Chelation have no EDTA as an active ingredient.

Further, these oral formulas are all of varying strengths with various ingredients. Many use other ingredients instead of  EDTA to perform the Chelation therapy. Until I found and developed my product regimen I could not find an oral formula that even came close to the standard IV Chelation therapy.

Some of these formulas are all vitamin based and others are amino acid based. There are literally hundreds of different Oral Chelation formulas on the market today. This is one of the reason why I went on a quest to find an effective substitute for IV Chelation therapy. And I finally found it, and developed and tested it for effectiveness. Here is my Oral Chelation Regimen.

IV Chelation has been around a long time and is quite effective just the way it has been given over the years. Therefore, I figured why change it. There had to be a way to take this on oral basis and be as effective or nearly as effective as IV.

My original mission was to find the most convenient, effective, fastest,  and the least expensive regimen that worked for me. I was also looking for a regimen and product that was as close to IV Chelation as possible. Since I started my quest I have tried well over 12 different products or formulas. I have tried many of the ones who spend $100,000's on reaching the public. I have searched the web and tried products that sounded good or made sense to me at that time. None of them worked like the IV Chelation treatments. I needed a regimen that was as effective and accomplished with ease.

I had about given up finding one that would match my criteria and that actually worked. However,  I started my search anew because the leg cramps I was experiencing were beginning to really wear me down. I wrote down the criteria that I wanted. The criteria was simple. I wanted a product I could take orally that was very close to the strength of the IV therapy of 2.5 to 3 grams and I could take enough in a week to approximate the 2 to 3 IV treatments I usually took. Also I needed a multi-vitamin mineral formula that was good, and would not break the bank.

The good news,  I finally found just that. See my Oral Chelation Regimen.

Folks no matter what is said, you have to try oral Chelation yourself to see if it works for you. However, just my opinion of course, Oral Chelation will reduce or eliminate your vascular disease symptoms. If you are in pain anything that works is great. This worked for me.

EDTA chelation therapy. Many doctors of every type have seen benefits to this therapy. Here is a list of benefits edta can do for patients.

Oral Chelation In liquid form is said to be more absorbable ours is both capsule and liquid.

My Oral Chelation Story using EDTA will tell you I beat vascular disease.

Since I have been doing this successfully for many years here is my Oral Chelation Recommendation 

Oral Chelation Regimen is my way of doing EDTA

Peripheral Artery Disease Symptoms

EDTA Oral Chelation To Chelation Story

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