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Recommended Books About EDTA
The Chelation Way
Bypassing Bypass Surgery Chelation Therapy





Recommendations For EDTA Oral Chelation

1). Before starting any chelation therapy I recommend a fasting blood test and a urine analysis. You are looking for abnormalities from the norm. These tests all have a range that is considered normal. If your result is high or low from the norm it will be marked in the lab results. If your results are high or low in any of the test categories you might want to consult a doctor or health professional for an explanation. Just because they are not perfectly normal does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong. The reason for the test is to make sure your kidneys and liver are functioning normally. I go to my local hospital to get mine.  My blood test includes CBC, CMP and the Lipid screen which is your cholesterol readings. Also get a urine analysis to check for normal kidney function.

2.) I then recommend that you take one bottle of my EDTA regimen and the multi vitamins and minerals. One bottle of the EDTA will be equal to about 10 IV chelations if you take it in capsule form, at 30% absorption rate. I personally take it sublingually and in liquid form (see below) and I get the equivalent of 15 IV Chelations per bottle at 50% absorption. Absorption rates vary and noone knows the real absorption rate in your body.  You may need up to 4 bottles of EDTA treatments to get the results you want. Severe cases may take more, each of us is different. Every Chelation Therapist even MD's and DO's always told me "you take chelation therapy until the symptoms go away and then re-evaluate." This of course depends on your health condition when you start.  Read why multi-vitamins? Buy EDTA  Buy Multi-Vitamins  EDTA dangers

3) In the long run this is the most important of the recommendations. A diet rich in  Anti Aging antioxidant Super Foods is most important.  A good nutritional diet is the only way you can give your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself. I eat as many servings of fruits and vegetables as possible I normally can get 5 to 7. I believe and the research supports we really need from 9-12 servings a day. So I use a whole food supplement called Super Max to give me more nutrition and energy and it includes a great protein. I also take additional antioxidant everyday. The simple reason is the amount of toxins are increasing in everything we eat, drink and the air we breathe.  I vary this since all antioxidants have different nutritional ingredients. I use Goji, Acai, Noni and my antioxidant drink. Each day I take one of these 2400mg of Goji or 100mg of Acai Flakes or 1200 mg of Noni extract.I also take extra Vitamin C. & Vitamin E at least 4 times a week. This additional regimen gives you  a real good antioxidant protection at an inexpensive price.  Goji berry Acai and Noni are the most potent antioxidants available. In short it kills the free radicals which injure the blood vessels and cause the inflammation, which in turn has been shown to cause the circulation blockage in the first place. You may adjust this of course to suit your personal wishes, needs and budget. Read about Noni.   Read about Goji Read about antioxidants. Read  about Acai regimen: It is: Multi-Vitamin, (two caps a day when on EDTA and 1 cap a day otherwise)

4.) Use the sublingual technique when possible. Sublingual provides the most efficient and reliable system for nutrient delivery to the bloodstream (50-70% absorption) ( IV chelation is always 100%. of course) Sublingual becomes liquid with the addition of a tiny sip of water. (50-70% absorption) Gel Caps and capsules are the next best choice, but rely on gastrointestinal efficiency for good (20-30%) absorption. Further I take the EDTA between meals on an empty stomach, although I am not sure it really matters. Editors note: These percentages have been taken from all the research I can find on absorption. There are many claims that liquids give 95% absorption rates. Sublingual turns into liquid after you swallow or when a tiny amount of water is added.   Much of this 95% figure comes from liquid supplementation marketers. I can find no evidence of anyone actually proving there is 95% absorption using this method. If we are getting 95% sublingually and in liquid form all the better. Our EDTA can be taken all three ways sublingual, liquid or gel capsule the choice is yours. I use sublingual, put capsule contents under tongue hold 1 minute. Add tiny sip of water, EDTA becomes liquid instantly. Hold another minute,  slosh around in the mouth and swallow. The longer you hold it in the mouth the better the absorption. On an empty stomach EDTA in powder form does not cause a chemical reaction (bile etc) because it is a protein building amino acid and the stomach treats it similar to water. It enters the intestinal absorption area very quickly almost in it's original form.

5.) Drink Plenty of Water. Preferably Filtered Water. Stay away from chlorine and fluoride. Drink eight 8oz glasses a day or as close as you can get. Dehydration even a little bit causes blood vessels to constrict to save water. Being fully hydrated makes the vessels more supple. Fully hydrated people have blood that flows better. People who have thick blood have been found to be dehydrated. There are also many other reasons to stay fully hydrated. Many severe complaints by people have been cured simply by drinking water. Asthma, aches and pains, lower back pain and fibrositis are just a few that have been cured just with water. High blood pressure can be caused by lack of water because the body has to force water into the tissues to survive. Long story short drink water.

6.) If you smoke please stop. I know it's hard, do it anyway. Here is some help.

7.) Take vitamins with food when possible. Digestive enzymes are stimulated when eating and aid in nutrient absorption. Editors Note: I take my multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants sublingually too. It is not convenient but I squeeze as much of the vitamin paste like substance in the capsule under my tongue hold for 3 to 5 minutes and then ad a tiny bit of water then hold for a minute and swallow. Doing it this way I get sublingual and liquid absorption. The Anti-oxidants goji and blueberry I do just like the EDTA. It is of course perfectly alright to take both multi and anti-oxidants by just swallowing the capsule. If vitamin or any gel capsules cannot be swallowed, open up the capsule and mix the contents with juice or yogurt. Editors note: This is good too.

8.) A small amount of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, about an two teaspoons, taken just prior to a meal, will stimulate production of digestive juices. It also has many Anti Aging Super Foodal benefits. My experience shows it suppress appetite extremely well and does good things for the prostate.

9.) Start or continue to exercise, daily. Walking is the best for circulation problems. I know it may hurt, been there done that, do it anyway. As much as you can stand. You will be surprised at how much you can do after you start IV or oral chelation. During the chelation the more you walk the better. Walking helps keep the EDTA flowing through your body at a better rate.

10.) Diet. Change your eating habits. Eat better food, more fruits and vegetables. Eat less. Studies in mice have shown that calorie restriction can increase your life span 30%. Eat more fruits and vegetables and stay away from processed food especially oils. Reduce your meat it is full of chemicals, hormones and toxins. I find if I just eat about half of what I used to consider as normal, I feel  much better. Just because the government says you need all the calories does not make it true for you and your body. Our bodies were designed to eat fruits and veggies not potato chips. Also almost all processed foods contain chemicals. Chemicals are not good for you. They produce free radicals which damage your blood vessels, causing inflammation and inflammation is thought to be the major cause of blood vessel damage now.. Eating purple fruits will help reduce inflammation. Remember there are very few old fat people.

11.) Manage Stress. Stress restricts the flow of blood in the body by tightening muscles, and restricting the free flow of fluids. Meditation, yoga, tai chi or even daily walks in nature can all help reduce stress significantly. Since I started this web site I now meditate and it helped immensely. Also the walking, kills two birds with one walk. Also listening to Baroque Music has been found to also reduce stress. See the book Super Learning 2000. Surprise! It works too.

12.) Think Positively. In Chinese medicine, excessive thoughts of anger, worry, resentment, grief and fear all have significant effects on the free flow of "energy" in our body. This is not just for eastern societies anymore. I have found reducing negative thought patterns and concentrating on the positive helps everything not only health. See this book. The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.

13. Chelation Therapy will help you increase blood flow. However without a diet change you cannot permanently keep the blood flow going. In order to cure your disease your body needs the nutrients of fresh foods. Below you will see the diet I used to accomplish my total helaing.

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