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Books About EDTA
The Chelation Way
Bypassing Bypass Surgery Chelation Therapy:





Oral Chelation What It Did For Me

This is simple and straight forward information. My regimen cured my very poor circulation in my extremities. It worked for me and it is relatively quick, painless, inexpensive, non-evasive and has no known side effects. This therapy has helped 100,000's of people, it can help you. Read My Story My supplement

I have 30 years of trial and error experience trying to eliminate the pain and discomfort brought on by circulatory problems that the medical profession stated they could do nothing to cure and very little to fix. This trial and error method has been long but very successful. Now you can use my experience to eliminate your symptoms without all the years of pain and the frustration that I went through.

If you have poor circulation from any of the symptoms stated by the medical community, this information may help you.

There are no guarantee's by me or for that matter the medical profession. The medical profession uses the same techniques, namely trial and error. That is what I did until I found something that worked for me. An Article From The AMA On Why People Like Me Do What I Do.

I make no claims that my regimen is cleaning your blood vessels. That could get me into trouble with the FDA. Plus I do not really know without extensive testing. I do know it relieves and "cures" my symptoms and the symptoms of others and  I have little scientific proof but plenty of physical proof.  My proof is in the pudding, so to speak.  You can find information on this site from medical doctor's and other medical practitioners that does show EDTA cleans out the blood vessels. See Here.

EDTA Chelation therapy both IV and Oral have changed my life and that folks is all that matters. That is the proof that counts. I do not care what the doctor's or the FDA says. Oral Chelation works for me and it could work for you too. There seems to be no interest in doing scientific double blind studies about Chelation of any kind. The reason of course is that Chelation Therapy especially like my supplement is so cheap. The other reason it is to old a therapy to patent so the drug companies can not make a billion dollars on a pill that costs pennies to produce.  The safety of this product has been proven by 100,000's of people so the therapy is virtually risk free. I have been told that nothing is 100% risk free. The choice is yours. However, I can tell you the benefits and the improved feeling of your health will be worth it. Being able to fully function physically is a great joy, especially when you have been without it. 


There is at least one MD on the west coast who states that there have been millions of Chelation treatments since the 1940's given in the U.S and it has never harmed one of them.

The cost is so reasonable almost anyone can afford it. I can find no information anywhere where EDTA Chelation therapy has harmed anyone.

Oral Chelation 

Oral Chelation Supplement 

Oral Chelation Regimen

My Chelation Story

Oral Chelation Recommendations

EDTA Chelation Absorption

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