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My Recommended EDTA Chelation Supplement
This is the Oral Chelation Product I used to cure my peripheral vascular disease.
The EDTA Capsules and other supplements I use and recommend on this web site are made in a licensed facility which is an FDA approved pharmaceutical laboratory. All formulations and bottling is done by highly trained  medical professionals.

After much research into different types of EDTA Chelation Products I chose this one for three basic reasons. I have used this product for over 20 years and have sold thousands of bottles and have hundreds and hundreds of customers who are using it. I have retired from active business and you will see below where I recommend you purchase it.

1. Price: It is the lowest priced quality EDTA Supplement on the market.

2. It can be taken easily in capsule form or sublingually.

3. It works the best.

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EDTA Each Bottle Has 120 Capsules 800mg EDTA Each. The pharmaceutical lab which manufactures this product now sells directly to the public at a substantially reduced price.

Click Here to go to his web site. You can only order using Pay Pal or credit card. He does not accept phone orders the last I knew.



Multi Vitamin 120 Capsules (2 months Supply)

Before starting chelation read our recommendations)

If you have vascular symptoms or known disease you should start with three bottles. Although one bottle has shown results in some cases, you will need at least three bottles to really see results if you have symptoms of vascular disease like calf pain, hard to walk, shortness of breath, hands and feet fall asleep easily or other vascular symptoms.

One Bottle of EDTA: 10-30 days.
12 caps: 4 three times a day for 10 days or
8 caps:  4 twice a day for 15 days.
4 caps a day for 30 days.

After each regimen I take no EDTA for 7-10 days to let my body rest. Also it is well known in clinics around the world that the benefits of Chelation continues to work for weeks after a therapy session ends. Therefore you get continued results while not taking the product.

Then  I start over or shift to a maintenance level.

Using the above regimen we calculate we are getting somewhere between 30% and 50% absorption depending on how you take the capsules. (Read Entire Absorption Story Please) What this means is one of our regimens is  equal to about 10 IV Chelation treatments. at about $1100 total plus expenses vs our Regimen is less than $50. Order My regimen Today Increase Your Circulation Tomorrow.

EDTA chelation benefits

My EDTA Blog Updates. Here is where I drop in what I am doing and things I am trying.

Diet Change Recommendation

Diet and circulation disorders and heart disease is much more important than you may think. I am sure you have heard that eating a vegetarian or near vegetarian diet is healthier for you. In fact the American Medical Association announce clear back in 1961 in their flagship magazine that 97% of heart stoppages could be avoided with a vegetarian diet.


 The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle - 3rd Edition


In accordance with the FDA these products are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any diseases. Please consult your health care professional prior to taking dietary supplements. Information on this site is given for educational purposes only and is not to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a health condition, please seek the advice of your doctor.
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