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Alternative Chelation Methods
When you check the web by searching under chelation terms almost everyone is talking about EDTA IV or Oral Chelation. There are many other nutrients and chemical compounds to either compliment EDTA or stand alone to help you increase your circulation and blood flow.

Many of the Chelation practitioners also offer other therapies which are chelators or work in conjunction with therapies like EDTA to increase the results. Chelation therapies are not only used to help clear blocked blood vessels (see benefits) but is also used to remove heavy metals from the blood stream. For example EDTA is approved by the FDA for lead removal and is by far the best way to accomplish this.

I have been doing research since 1980 and everyday more and more research is being done that shows the right foods can clear plaque from arteries as well as EDTA and the therapies mentioned below. Now it has been found that pomegranate juice can reduce plaque by 13% in 3 months. Check it out on our blog.

One of the other therapies to help clear blood vessels is oxidative therapy. I myself have used this therapy to increase the results from IV Chelation therapy. For example when I did 10 IV therapies I would use oxidative IV therapy ever 3 EDTA infusion. Oxidative therapy is simply a method to force additional oxygen into the blood and then into the cells. Additional oxygen increases blood flow. There are three or four different ways to accomplish this. Remember IV is the most expensive and oral methods are the least expensive.

Oxygen Therapy Methods

  • Hyperbaric chamber oxygen infusion

  • Hydrogen peroxide therapy

  • Cell Food Oral Therapy

Plaque Therapy

Another therapy goes by the name of Plaque X. This therapy uses a soy blend developed in Europe. This IV chelation method is very effective in the treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease. I also have personnel experience with this type of IV therapy. The last time I had an open wound which was many many years ago I took plaque X instead of EDTA. The wound was on the end of my toes and plaque X seem better than EDTA for the tiny vessels. This chelation method worked just fine. I have since never had to use IV chelation because my oral regimen has kept my legs, feet, toes and hands in real good shape.

Natural Artery Cleaners. This regimen has been used by many different people and has gotten good results. If you are going to do EDTA chelation therapy either oral or iv read this article.

Nutrition is another method to keep your vessels clear and to help unclog the ones that are experiencing blockages. Once your blood vessels are clear if you want to keep them that way you must change your diet. We are what we eat and if you have heart disease or vascular disease it is simple, you are not eating correctly or you are filling your vessels full of damaging toxins such as nicotine, prescription drugs, sugar, processed food etc. It is these toxins which create free radicals which have been found to be instrumental in almost all major disease such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and atherosclerosis.

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Natural Chelation Therapy Natural chelation therapy is usually considered to be herbal or food chelation. Chelation is the accepted therapy to remove toxins from the body.

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Chelation for Autism should you use chelation therapy for Autism.

Natural Iron Chelation. Chelation is approved for excessive iron in the blood stream.

Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease although highly controversial it has done wonders for thousands of people with no side effects.

Chelation Therapy Side Effects There are little or no side effects regardless of what you might have heard. No one has shown that it is dangerous.

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Cilantro Chelation

Oxidative therapy is not well known at the public level but is used by many health professionals including MD and DO doctors.

Exercise is an important factor to those suffering from atherosclerosis and PVD.

Anti Aging Super Foods can help ever condition and disease. Whole food nutrition is like eating fruits and vegetables in liquid form.

L-Arginine is a nutrient that has been proven to increase blood flow by expanding the blood vessels with Nitric Oxide (NO).

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In accordance with the FDA these products are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any diseases. Please consult your health care professional prior to taking dietary supplements. Information on this site is given for educational purposes only and is not to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a health condition, please seek the advice of your doctor.



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