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Rave Diet
For Circulation, Heart & Cancer

The Rave Diet has been used by thousands to not only lose weight but to prevent diseases of all types. This diet has all the researched elements to achieve optimal health prevent disease and yes even help cure disease.

The Rave Diet has been shown to millions on educational TV and the author has had incredible results in helping people to cure their disease.

Diet and circulation disorders and heart disease is much more important than you may think. I am sure you have heard that eating a vegetarian or near vegetarian diet is healthier for you. However, do you know the actually statistics of how much this diet can reduce your risk and prevent different types of disease?

As I have said other places on this site chelation therapy cannot cure the disease behind poor circulation or heart disease. It can take out the stuff causing the poor blood flow but if you do not change your diet it will come back.

The Rave Diet is the book I used to change my diet habits. I have now, I believe cured my circulation problems with first increased blood flow with chelation therapy but I have kept it there with diet changes.

If you wish to live a longer life with good health you must change your diet. The diet of the average American is a blood vessel clogging one at best. The Rave Diet will give you the information and recipes to make the transition to a new healthy life much easier.

You may order the book by itself or in conjunction with the Eating DVD. The DVD is the information found on the Public Television shows with the same name.


The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle - 3rd Edition


In accordance with the FDA these products are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any diseases. Information on this site is given for educational purposes only and is not to replace the advice of your health care professional.


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